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Josette Kathy Gradwohl
Kathy Gradwohl
founder/owner Josette Bath & Body

In 2011, I wasn’t looking for something to do. My 60 hour a week corporate job and mother of two teenagers was totally wearing me down. I felt I was hanging from a teeny tiny thread that was ready to break and drop me on my as…. butt at any moment.

' style=Mildred BartonSo when my mother suggested I learn soap making from her new neighbor, I was irritated. My mother had discovered that handcrafted soap eliminated her rashes, hives and itchy skin. She knew it would help my dry, itchy skin, too. But now she was adding something else to my overloaded plate.  Under my breath, I said, “mom, can't you see I’m barely functioning day to day???”.  But like the daughter I am, I ignored her and the next thing I knew Vicki and I were stirring up a “witches brew” in a “cauldron” that mysteriously turned into a creamy, fragrant, moisturizing bar of soap overnight. Man oh man, was I was hooked!

Making soap de-stressed and energize me.  And it was a bonding family activity. My husband has a degree in chemistry so he led the way. My son, Chris, 14 was …well, you can imagine a 14 year old boy in a kitchen science lab. We soon had more soap than we could use or give away.  That's when, PASS THE BAR SOAPS was born,  as a mother & son business.  Click here for photos of the early days.

By June 2014, I said good-bye to my stressful corporate job and plunged into Pass the Bar Soaps full time.  
In February 2015, we changed the name to JOSETTE BATH & BODY because we had become more than a soap business. 
We had expanded to lushous, yet safe, organic moisturizers, made with abyssissian oil. 

Today, it’s still a family business. Husband, Randy is a consultant and “Jack of all Trades”. Daughter, Charlotte jumps in when needed.  Chris jumped out to go chase girls!!! Charlotte’s friend, Kyle lends computer skills. We have several other part timers, such as Cat and Hannah.

AND VICKI HOOKHAM, well, she works for us now as the primary soap maker.  

And my mother, well, she is still my biggest fan.  She continues to be my motivator, my inspiration and guide.  I have been blessed!  

          She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.  She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue...Her children arise and call her blessed.    Proverbs 31

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