"Your skin needs a variety of nutrients, just like your body needs a variety of food to eat."    Josette

Pure But Not Simple.  Always Naturally Indulgent.  

Josette has carefully formulated every product with a blend of oils that your skin loves and needs to remain healthy and to feel good.   

You see, oils are not all the same.  Oils contain various amounts of proteins, lecithins and amino-acids.  Some oils contain vitamins such as A, B, D and E.  Some have anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and even anti-bacterial properties.   Some oils are better at lubricating the skin while others provide a protective barrier for the skin.  Therefore, when it comes to creating a formula for your skin, Josette goes the distance to be sure she has a product that is a blend of all the characteristics your skin needs.   There is a reason behind every ingredient used in a product. And the reason is NOT to add filler or the cheapest ingredients.

What's NOT in these products? 

          • Water   (Why pay for water?)
          • Preservatives    
          • Synthetic Chemicals such as silicones etc.  
          • Phthalates (used in many fragrances) 
          • Animal by-products  (not tested on animals either)
          • Silicones
Body Butters
Body Cream
Derma Deep
Body Oil
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