Giving Back

Since the beginning, of our soap making, we have donated soaps to Catholic Charities.  In the past few years, we have not only increased our donation of soaps, but added donations of lotions, creams, deodorants, etc.  My husband has been working the pantry at Catholic Charities for about 10 years every Tuesday night.  Yes, I am proud of his dedication.  I join him as much as possible.  It is a pleasure to see the smile on the faces of clients when they get a bar of great smelling soap or lotion. It's like a special treat.  

Since Josette Bath & Body started, we have made a yearly donation to the Child Abuse Network (CAN) for Tulsa County.  CAN provides intervention services to abused children.  Often, children arrive at CAN straight from the arms of police officers.   In a home like setting, surrounded by toys, professionals conduct interviews which are recorded with hidden cameras to minimize repetition and additional trauma for the child. Medical examinations and psychological testing are also conducted on site in comfortable surroundings.   

CAN also becomes involved when parents are arrested and there is not a relative to take the child.  Often a child is taken from a meth house and has to be bathed and redressed before a suitable home is found.  Can you image how important a soft set of pajamas, a toothbrush and a blanket must feel for this child?  

In 2017, we added
Invisible Children, a non-profit that serves in Africa.  It originated in 2004 to help the people who were being savagely and brutely maimed and killed by rebel armies.  Children were being kidnapped by these armies and forced fight. If they ever escaped and made it back home, their families were afraid of them and often rejected them.   Because of this group, the number of killings has reduced by 93%.  Work continues today, to bring better communication between the villages to maintain and reduce the violence. 

We are increasing our donations 25% for 2018.
Our goal is to increase our donations to the above organizations by 25%.  One way we are doing that is to designate proceeds from certain shows to CAN and Invisible Children.  We are increasing the donation from $1 to $2 for every sale of Facial Serum to CAN. We will also continue to donate baskets for autions to local charities.     

JOIN US IN GIVING BACK.  I promise it feels better to give, than to receive. 

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